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Free Leauge


Mutant: Year Zero

Genlab Alpha – Card Deck

NOTE: This product is out of stock in our UK warehouse and should not be added to orders to any country outside of the EU, US, and Canada, as this will result in the order being stopped.

This deck contains 56 high quality playing cards for use with Mutant: Genlab Alpha. These cards are designed to enhance your gaming experience as you get ready to experience the furry mutant (r)evolution!

The deck contains:

  • 21 Animal Power Cards
  • 31 Artifact Cards
  • 4 Mutation Cards

More info

During the great apocalypse, humanity fled to the depths of the underground enclaves. In genetic laboratories, researchers tried to breed a new being, splicing human and animal DNA, creating a beast intelligent yet strong enough to survive in the devastated world. The enclaves have fallen – but the animals’ fight for freedom has only just begun.

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