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Frequently Asked Questions

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When will my order ship?

If the order is for a Kickstarter reward, please check the Kickstarter page first. The initial shipping date estimate is listed for each reward. Updated shipping information will come in the form of updates, so be sure to check this. After we have announced that shipping has started, please allow at least two weeks before contacting our support staff via the email below. Also remember that we ship from several warehouses in different countries across the globe, which means that some orders to some areas will ship earlier than others.

For webshop orders, please allow at least two weeks from placing in the order before contacting our support staff.

How do I change the address of my order?

If the order is for a Kickstarter and the Pledge Manager is not yet closed, you simply log into the Pledge Manager and update your address there. You can do this even after you have completed your order. If the Pledge Manager has closed, or if it’s a webshop order, send your new address and other relevant information to our support email below.

Can you ship to a PO box address?

No, unfortunately we cannot. You must submit a physical address for us to ship to.

Why don’t you ship to all countries?

Our partner warehouses are unable to ship to some countries due to high administrative fees or unreliable deliveries. For Kickstarters, excluded countries can always be found on the campaign page under the Shipping headline. We cannot make exceptions to this list.

My shipment arrived damaged, what can I do?

Send an email to our support staff via the email below with the order number and photos of the damage, and we’ll send a replacement.

How do I cancel an order? 

As long as your order has not already shipped, you can cancel an order and get a refund by contacting our support staff via the email below. Don’t forget to include your order number, and if it’s a Kickstarter, indicate which one. If your order has already shipped, we have to wait for the shipment to be returned to us before we can refund the order.

Can I add items from your webshop to my Kickstarter pledge?

No, only the items listed as add-ons are available for pledges.

How do I add addon-ons to my Kickstarter pledge?

For most campaigns, you will specify what addons you want in the Pledge Manager after the Kickstarter campaign ends. Lately, Kickstarter has added a function to add add-ons on the campaign page during the Kickstarter itself.

Which stretch goals are included in my Kickstarter reward?

Each Kickstarter page indicates which stretch goals are included in each reward, so please study the page carefully before contacting our support staff.

I missed the deadline to complete my Pledge Manager. What do I do?

Send an email to our support staff including the email you used to make the pledge. Don’t forget to let us know which Kickstarter this is for. You will get your rewards even if you missed the Pledge Manager deadline, but you get the shipment later.

I’m a late backer. How do I access the Alpha PDF shared via a locked Kickstarter update?

Only actual Kickstarter backers can access locked updates on Kickstarter, and we have no technical way to add backers after the campaign ends. Therefore, you will need to contact our support staff with the email you used to make your late pledge, and we’ll send you the PDF manually.

Can I add multiple rewards in the same Kickstarter pledge?

No, it is not possible to multiple rewards in the same pledge. However, most items included in the rewards are also available as add-ons.

I have payment problems in the Pledge Manager. What do I do?

If you have questions regarding processing your payment in the Pledge Manager, contact support@pledgemanager.com as they are the ones handling the payments.

Can I use my Apple ID email for the Pledge Manager?

There are some issues with Apple ID that prevent Pledge Manager from sending invitations to backers using an Apple ID email. If possible, use another email when making your pledge in Kickstarter. If you already have made a Kickstarter pledge with an Apple ID email and don’t receive the invitation for Pledge Manager, contact our support staff via the email below.

Other questions?

If you can’t find the answer you need above, please use our Contact form below. We aim to reply to all queries within 24 hours on weekdays, but please allow at least 48 hours before emailing about the same matter again.

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