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Forbidden Lands

Raven Bundle


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This bundle contains a host of products for the Forbidden Lands retro survival fantasy RPG.

  • Forbidden Lands Boxed Set. An exclusive boxed set with two hardback books in faux leather covers totalling over 460 pages, a booklet for generating characters and legends, a large full-color map and a sheet of map stickers.
  • Custom Dice Set. A set of 12 beautiful engraved custom dice, designed specifically for Forbidden Lands.
  • Custom Card Deck. A deck of 55 high quality custom cards for magical artifacts, mounts, and maneuvers in combat.
  • GM Screen. A deluxe Gamemaster Screen made out of four sections of 3 mm thick hardback.
  • Character Sheets. A pad of 50 double-sided, full-color character sheets.
  • Raven’s Purge. An epic campaign module of 224 pages in hardback covers, written by acclaimed fantasy author Erik Granström.
  • The Bitter Reach. A massive campaign module of 312 pages in hardback covers, exploring the frozen lands of the Bitter Reach.

PS. Complete PDFs of the books are included and will be sent to you shortly after purchase.

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Winner of four ENnie Awards 2019!

  • Product of the Year (Silver)
  • Best Rules (Silver)
  • Best Cartography (Gold)
  • Best Production Values (Gold)
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“It’s like somone took hazy childhood memories of a classic D&D game and mixed them with a dash of bleak Scandinavian darkness.”

Tabletop Magazine

“Superbly packaged, Forbidden Lands is a pleasing combination of ‘Old School’ nostalgia and fast, simple mechanics with unobtrusive narrative elements designed to bring aspects of the character into play. Its setting offers scope for the player characters to develop not just personally, but also in terms of their place in the world.”

Reviews from R’lyeh

“This may be the most perfect role-playing game product I’ve ever seen.”

Plot Points RPG Podcast

Winner of four ENNIE Awards 2019

Best Cartography
Best Production Values
Best Rules
Best Setting

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